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Each player is given three coins at the start of the game. Players roll the die to start. The player with the highest number chooses which one of the six main airports to start at and so on throughout the players.

First player rolls the die. He moves his playing piece along the road according to the number of spaces shown on the die. Player can move in any direction he chooses. Objective is to gain the letters "Q U E S T". The coloured dots mean the following:
  • Yellow -- History Question
  • Green -- Nature Question
  • Purple -- Culture Question
  • Blue -- Modern Question
(Where there is a black numbered dot on the right hand side of the question card, there is a further explanation to the answer in the explanation booklet included -- just look up the corresponding number in the booklet.)

Depending on the coloured dot the player lands on (e.g. yellow dot, yellow question, green dot, green question, etc.), the player to his right asks him a question and reads out the three possible answers. The correct answer is the one underlined.

If the player answers correctly, he wins a coin and rolls again (maximum three rolls at any one time). Answer incorrectly, and play moves onto the next player (clockwise direction).

Letters (QUEST): The aim is to collect the letters "Q U E S T" (in any order) from the letters dotted around the country. When landing on a letter, player chooses the category of question to answer on this occasion. If he answers correctly he wins the corresponding letter but this time must pay a coin.

Destinies (brown cross): When landing on this symbol, player picks up a Destiny card and follows the instructions shown. Destinies are usually better than bad... and very often thwart other players... but be careful! If player cannot pay a penalty, he is out of the game.

Payment of one coin is required for a return ferry trip over to the islands.

Players can travel between airports for the cost of five coins per single journey.

Once all 5 "Q U E S T" letters have been collected, player heads back to Edinburgh. The first person to correctly answer a question of their choice in Edinburgh is the winner.