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Scottish Quest Board Game Testimonials Title

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'My wife and I are enjoying Scottish Quest - and the multiple choice answers are well chosen giving the ability to make educated guesses where we don't know the answer.'
John, by email

'I recently acquired your new board game and thoroughly enjoyed it with my children. I can see it becoming a firm favourite.'
Alan, by email

'Game is great, and I am so pleased to see something based around Scotland and encouraging people to learn more.'
Neil, Glasgow

'Just to let you know that I played your game over the festive period and think it is the best board game that I have played in ages. All of us who played thought the game play is fantastic. Well Done.'
John, Edinburgh

'Merry Christmas to you all, we bought Scottish Quest from you at St. James Centre as our Christmas game and are having so much fun, can't believe how much we seem to know about Scotland. Thank you for making us laugh and enjoy.'
John and Grace, Houston, USA

'Received Scottish Quest as a gift in October and we are enjoying the game'
Janet, Ohio

'Got your game for my Christmas and delighted with it'
Brenda, Scotland

'I was bought your great board-game and was hardly able to contain myself in opening it. The packing is out of the ordinary and makes it a very classy game to open in front of friends who have not come across it before'
Ian, Moray

'Looking forward to having endless hours of fun playing Scottish Quest.'
Julie, Scotland

'We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game over the festive season and having told our friends about it'
Elizabeth, Angus

'I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the board game for Christmas, and we all thought it was excellent…Looking forward to many happy hours playing SQ!'
Brian, Perth

'We have already had great enjoyment playing Scottish Quest (not withstanding the verbal disagreements!). More power to your elbow for inventing this interesting and informative game.'

'As well as Scottish Quest being a game, it is an astounding history lesson, encompassing facts and figures about our culture and people. The nation of Scotland certainly had a significant impact on many nations through our creativity and willingness to challenge the staus quo.'

Ronnie, Paisley


'We played the game yesterday evening as part of a small Burn's Supper which I was holding for friends. Scottish Quest was a huge success with everyone and we sat round the fire until after midnight sipping whisky and having fun. Everyone commented that it gave them the chance to 'revisit' places they had visited in Scotland and to share their stories. The game was finally won by a lady who was a graduate in Scottish History from the University of Edinburgh - I think next time she is banned from answering any questions on History.'


'Well done for creating this game and thanks for providing us with a lot of fun!'
Denise, Edinburgh